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What's PIC


1st October 1996


International Organization
Pacific Islands Centre (PIC) was formed through an agreement between the Government of Japan and the South Pacific Forum, which was renamed the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) in 2000.
Note: The original name of PIC under the agreement is Japan-South Pacific Economic Exchange Centre.


PIC is governed by a Governing Board which consists of the representatives of the Government of Japan and the Pacific Islands Forum. The Governing Board selects and assigns the Director of the PIC, and the Director should organize and take responsibility of PIC’s activities.


The PIC is dedicated to the following aims.
  • To promote exports from the FICs to Japan.
  • To promote the inflow of investment from Japan to the FICs.
  • To assist the FICs with cost-effective importing from Japan.
  • To vitalise tourist traffic from Japan to the FICs

Contact to PIC:

Postal Address:
Shikonkan 1st Floor, 3-22-14,
Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 101-0052, Japan
Phone: +813-5259-8419
Fax: +813-5259-8429
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